The background image on my home page is an animated .gif file that I made from a cone-beam CT scan of my face that was done while I was in dental school in 2007.  The image was made using a program called DeVide to extract a 3D model of my face/skull from the CT scan data files.  In Devide the displayed tissue density was swept over a wide range a little at a time while saving images at each point of change.  The image starts with just soft tissue displayed, then the density increases until mainly bone is displayed, then the whole sequence is reversed.  Each image took about 1 minute to create and save, then the images were combined into an animated gif file using a program for that specific task (I can't remember which one it was- there are a lot of them out there).

If you want to try playing with this type of image processing you can download my CT scan files by clicking this:  Mark Rehorst CT Scan

youtube video provides a quick intro to using DeVide to extract bone models from a CT scan.

Here is the background image from the front page without all the text in front of it:

CT animation


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