I had some time off work and decided to fix the major design issues with MegaMax, so late in 2014 I did a complete tear-down and from the pieces,

Son of MegaMax was born!

SoM- Son of MegaMax

June, 2015

MegaMax was a fine printer and worked well, but it was hard to transport him, and even to fit through doorways.  The enclosure was enormous, and I didn't like some flaws I was seeing in the print surfaces.  I gathered parts from scrap yards, Milwaukee Makerspace, Home Depot, Midland Plastics, and ebay and went to work on a rebuild.

I'm pleased to report that the rebuild was almost completely successful.  It's is still very heavy, which makes transport a little tricky (it's a stong two-man lift), and it's a little noisier than I'd like, but it produces prints that are as good or better than any I've seen from any FDM printer.

The whole project has been written up for an Instructable that you can see here:  Son of MegaMax

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