"In Like Flint" Ringtone for Skype or Your Cell Phone

I like Skype.  Skype is an internet phone program that allows you to make free calls to other computers using Skype, or to land-line phones for very low cost, ANYWHERE in the world.  It also allows you to do the same with live video.  The audio quality is VERY high- much better than traditional telephone service, and even video works great when both ends of the call have a high speed connection.  I have used Skype video calling between the US and Japan on many occasions and it works great every time.  Skype is a free download here. 

Now back to the point of all this:

Long before Austin Powers was just a twinkle in Nigel's eye, there was super-cool, super-spy-playboy Derek Flint (played by James Coburn).  He saved the world from domination/destruction by super villains in two movies made in the 60s- "Our Man Flint" and "In Like Flint".  One of the features of those movies that became a cultural icon for a while, was then forgotten, then reborn with Austin Powers was the ring-tone on Flint's hot-line to the White House.  While we're on the subject of James Coburn movies, check out "The President's Analyst" also made in the 60s, and featuring "the phone company" as the main antagonist.

Austin Powers used a modified version of the ringtone on his hot-line, probably because they couldn't get permission to use the original one.  It took some digging, but I found the original ringtone as it was used in the Flint movies.  You can use it for skype on your computer, or use it to replace any other sound on your computer system.

Right click HERE and select "save target as" to save the .wav file to your computer. 

Right click HERE and select "save target as" to save the mp3 file to your computer.

In Skype you can use this for the ringer by selecting the tools menu, then options, then sounds.  Click import sounds and locate the ringtone file.  Once it is imported, in the "select which events play a sound" list, select "ringtone", then in the "choose which sound to play" list, select "flintphone_a".  That's all you have to do!  Have fun!


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