Bacterial Cultures (NOT!) for Dessert

Alex's cub scout troop (troop 41, Grand Canyon Council, Phoenix- Yeah!) had their annual cake auction fund raiser a couple weeks ago.  Neither Alex nor I have much talent when it comes to baking or decorating cakes so we came up with our own special dessert to auction.  I've had a few microbiology classes and cultured many different types of bacteria on different media, and I happened to have a case of pyrex Petri dishes from an old surplus buy (relax, they were unused) so I thought it would be fun to make dessert that looked like bacterial cultures served in Petri dishes!  Here's the result:

I prepared the media (jello, tapioca pudding, and lemon pie filling) and Alex did most of the decorating.  We used dark chocolate syrup, cinnamon, cocoa powder, sweetened condensed milk, gummy octopi, and some cake decorating gel along with a little food coloring.  The eight servings sold for $75 at the auction.  Not bad considering the possibility many people were probably too grossed-out by the idea to even bid.

This should be good for a Halloween party or a creepy movie night with friends.  They might go well with bowls of gummy worms served on ground-up Oreo cookie dirt.