Spring Break, 2008, Antelope Canyon, Az.

Alex, Akiko, I and friends Ivy, Clement, Ryan Tse made a trip to the Grand Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. 

Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo land very close to Page, Arizona.  There are two sections- upper and lower.  The upper canyon is flat and has several "rooms" where light streams in from above so it is often crowded with cranky photographers and their tripods who will annoy the **** out of you and yell at you if you happen to step into their photo.  They throw dust into the air to get nice, bright sunbeams on their pictures and you can't breathe.  The lower canyon is across the road and has a lot of ladders and narrow passages which tend to keep the photo maniacs and their tripods out, so it is much less crowded, more varied, and more fun to visit.  There are also plenty of interesting photos to be taken in the lower canyon.

The hotels in Page will all tell you you need to book a tour to the canyon, but you don't.  Just drive out to the canyon, either upper or lower, and pay the fees (cash only) to the Navajo guides there.  At the lower canyon you will ride in a truck to the canyon entrance where they will leave you to explore for a few hours.  The upper canyon entrance is close to the parking lot so you just walk with your guide to the entrance of the canyon.  If you just go through either canyon without stopping to take a lot of pictures you can be in and out in an hour.

Fees are $20 admission plus $6 Navajo land access permit per adult.  Kids are a little cheaper.

Here are a few of the pictures from the trip.  Click on them to view them full-size.  I have put some of them in at full file size as they came out of my new, cheap Samsung S1050 camera (Thanks, Woot!) so you can see what the camera can do. 

The photo below is a view from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  The file is about 5MB straight from the camera, shot at ISO 80, maximum detail, no sharpening in camera.

Akiko entering Lower Antelope Canyon.


Akiko inside the canyon- big files here.  I reduced the blue level in the pictures and applied a little sharpening to most of the photos taken inside the canyon.  Most of the pictures were taken at low shutter speeds (1/8 sec, typical) with the camera set to anti-shake mode- I didn't have a tripod with me.  They aren't razor sharp, but they're not too bad...


Various images taken inside the canyon (some big files):


Akiko and Alex (flash).

Akiko taping me.

Alex chased down a small lizard.  The lens on this camera does a great job in macro mode:

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