AN/USM-338 Oscilloscope

Mark Rehorst

Updated November 2008

I was recently shown the link to a manual for this scope at   Look for the HP1707B manual which is the civilian version of this scope.  As far as I can tell, the only differences between the civilian and military versions are the air-tight aluminum case and the rubber seals on all the switches and buttons.  I have placed a copy of that manual on my site as well.  You can download it by clicking here:  HP1707B/AN/USM-338 Manual

Here I present some large scale photos of the guts of my AN/USM-338 Oscilloscope.  Why, you may ask, would I do such a thing?  I want to share the raw beauty of military electronics with everyone.  I present these photos in the hope that you will be inspired to go out and give a good home to your own piece of military electronic equipment.  My only regret is that I can't present the perfume of the fungicide with which the military treats its electronic equipment. 

As you look at the photos, pay careful attention to the details.  The gold (yes, Bunky, REAL gold!) plated circuit boards, neatly dressed wires, and the bright and varied colors of the different components all make this a really beautiful piece of work.  Notice the date codes, mainly from 1973, and marvel as you learn that this scope is still working after 35 years.  It is easy to see where the money goes in something like this.

I'll distract you no further...

I present the AN/USM-338 Oscilloscope in all its naked glory:

Top view

Left side

Right side

Bottom view

Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3

Detail 4

Detail 5

Front panel


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